Edward Guerboian

Nearly half a century. That’s how long the name Edward “Eddie” Guerboian has been synonymous with excellence in West Coast jewelry consultation, creation and repair, and how long the master jeweler has been a beloved fixture of his Santa Monica, California community.


“I am a jeweler by trade, of course,” says Edward about his legacy, “But that is not my business. My business ispeople. Connection.” It’s thatforemost commitment to relationship building with a diverse range of clients that has set him apart from the pack over the decades, cementing hisplace as the go-to,trusted jeweler ofOld Hollywood royalty like Johnny Carson and June Lockhart, as well as contemporary greats like Goldie Hawn, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg – the list is long, and sparkling. But ask Edward about the projects that have stood out for him over years and, once again, you won’t be given a story about precious gems, but precious people; commissions from locals seekingtrustworthyhands for fire-damaged heirlooms, or the right guidance in picking an engagement ring; commemorative bespoke pieces for men and women, or the simple tinkering of a link. No venture is too small, no detail overlooked. “All of these things are all part of telling someone’s story,” he says, “That is my joy. That is my wealth, and success in life: my clients’ happiness. My family’s happiness.”


Today, the Guerboianfamily embodies six generations of jewelry artisans that can be traced to Edward’s own upbringing in Egypt and Lebanon. “The city especially was so alive, so creative,” he says about the latter’s influenceon his work, reminiscing on afternoons spent learning the craft from his own father before ultimately moving to Santa Monica in the 1960s. Edward is now one of a waning few who can work from hand-crafted wax models, harkening back to the era when jewelry making required true artistry. “I’ve had a different way of coming up than most,” he says, “I am a self-made man. But that’s why I feel I can take on any challenge.”


Now, a fresh chapter unfolds with the launch of Edward AvedisFine Jewelry as Edward joins his son, Avedis, to whom the torch of fine jewelry savoir-fairewas passed years ago within Readers Fine Jewelers. Itself a place of local legend, Readers thrived underEdward’s ownership in Santa Monica over 40 years, and provided the perfect environment for Avedis to hone his father’s craft. Once again, the duo is coming together to bring clients the same unforgettable experience at their boutique atelier in the historic Fairmont Miramar,with Edward providingconsultation and restoration services for fine vintage jewelry, and his signature expertise in the trading and restoration of fine vintage watches. “Avedis is so talented in his own way,” he says of his son’s journey and penchant for bespoke luxury design, “So artistic. I’m really proud, and lucky,to work withsomeonewho has the same passion and humor, the same sense of people.” Like father, like son.