About Us

It starts with a story. With an instinct for creating effortless, luxurious pieces that has been fine tuned over six generations of jewelers. “Edward Avedis Fine Jewelry” is the culmination of that lineage, a brand that joins designer Avedis Guerboian’s bespoke artistry with the technical excellence of his father, master jeweler Edward “Eddie” Guerboian. For over forty years, Edward has been passionate about serving the Santa Monica community and beyond, notably within his legendary stewardship of Readers Fine Jewelers.


Once again, at the heart of that cherished artisanal legacy in Santa Monica, the Edward Avedis brand continues to realize the unique visions of its clients, from Hank Azaria to Arnold Schwarzenegger; Bryan Cranston and Laura Dern, by offering a collaborative, personalized experience in its atelier at the storied Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows. 


“I’ve always gravitated towards a kind of warmth with my pieces” says Avedis, who trained under the prestigious tutelage of Tiffany and Co.'s subsidiary Iridesse Pearls in his emerging years. “I see that warmth in part as a matter of material choice,” he says, “and as a standard of relationship building with clients” in his work, which includes not only bespoke pieces, but classic and bridal collections. There’s a shared, intuitive nostalgia, for example, “in the pairing of warm, rose gold with a peachy center stone” for a bridal piece, and a sense of empowerment instilled in a client who knows they can work one-on-one with Avedis to perfect their vision for romantic and commemorative pieces, from an engagement ring to a brooch, they become embed into a family heritage. “The occasions and reasoning may change,” he says, “but if there is a constant in our atelier, it’s that you can always expect us to highlight and elevate the natural elegance of the materials. It’s all about the ease of everyday luxury.”


In that vein, he believes in incorporating precious materials not only for their aesthetic, but for their strength and individuality. It’s a conviction the designer inherited from generations past, and when combined with his own nuanced background in the Fine Arts, has pushed the brand to the forefront of bespoke American jewelry design.